3 poems by Samantha Rose

originally published on August 22nd 2018


peach-made winds

languid lust

boil raw sweat

bare moans…

lap up urges

like milk

sometimes i want to pick up the phone, but what would i say

they saw girls,

but we saw each other:

defiant, courageous flowers

painted in pollen, the color pynk

navigating stems of hesitant desire––

i never felt your hands on my leaves

the way i sensed we wanted to

but i felt protection in your voice

i felt that maybe they didn’t like to see us together

white woman, Black woman

that was our guess anyway, after the assault on MacDonough,

i guess we were having too much fun

laughing together

i never felt your heart in my heart

the way i sensed we wanted to

but i felt your softness, your sensitivity

you were buried in earth,

behind humor and constant hair changes

and i still enjoyed

laughing together

(and your hair, however you chose it)

i was stuck in clouds

distracted and selfish blinded by the sun, taking more than i could give

and i still enjoyed

laughing together

we made many plans we knew would never happen

we bought boxing gloves and gushed over art supplies

we spoke over drinks in dimly lit bars

we laughed through filters in the back of taxis

we loved the idea of being together more than reality did

we watched the sun rise on a rooftop that crumbled

beneath us

we shared colored pencils and drew a flower that took up

the whole page

this was when i saw your soul, wanting more

a shy longing in your eyes

that no one else knew

you were friends with everyone

foes too––even with me, eventually––

but i saw what few were allowed to see

only one other, specifically,

and we both love you, endlessly


earth’s touch never felt so rough she comes to me in dreams confused desires bubble, boil, and steam inner thighs intertwined soft and divine


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