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2 poems by Adrienne Adams

Cayenne Red Pepper girl eats cayenne lips for breakfast. Everytime she yelps it gets a bit hot-her. Bite tongues; sucking on holding back all choking. Speak. Red Pepper melts eyes in a sea of understanding. Salt spills. Break - Fast; yes, savour. This is how languages are born. Babes in mouth red hot. Ripe.


Whole Whole unto herself Virgin fucks Virginia in a room of one's own


Adrienne Adams is a poet, artist and curator dedicated to creating safer inter-sectional space to honour the feminine. She curates Woolf’s Voices (aka Virginia), joking that it’s just an excuse to howl in public. Her work is published in Antilang, FreeFall, Politics/letters live (Car Poems), Polyglot, Wax Poetry and Art and forthcoming in several other publications. @adamsel.adams @woolfsvoices on Instagram

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