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2 poems by Catherine Garbinsky

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

originally published in 2018

CELESTIAL BODIES The smell of incense and sweat and women – naked lovers and sheets scattered across the room. Kisses and laughter, so silent and secret. Eyes fall upon bodies, thirsty. They watch the stars come out through glass and drink water like fish. They are melting away into one another, into the great wide universe. They lose themselves again and again as they shake and thrust and turn with pleasure. Breasts against hips and lips against inner thighs and in and in… The light of the moon shines in across their skin as they enter into one another. Breaking the silence of the night with song.


THORNS Not every girl survives the forest. Sometimes the darkness finds you, the brambles grow too thick around you. But there are flowers amidst the thorns, a sweet fragrance promising a happy ending, dangerous and desirable at once. Am I the princess, or the thorns? I like the way they protect themselves, untouchable beauty. I like the way they grow, tangled and twisted and climbing. Not every girl survives the forest. Sometimes she becomes it.



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